The overwhelming positive response received from this website and various displays has lead SUBEO to complete plans to commence serial production of both the GEMINI+ and the AQUARIUS craft. The serial produced GEMINI+ will be of similar style and technology to the AQUARIUS, but in a slightly smaller 2 man version – being more advanced than the GEMINI images seen here.

The benefits of serial production will mean SUBEO craft will be available at much shorter lead times and represent far better value for money than any other submersible craft available today. However there is a significant cost to set up this type of production, and SUBEO is presently seeking a major financial backer to this end.

At present however, production models of both GEMINI+ and AQUARIUS can be ordered today, but they must be individually built to order, with an associated lead time of up to 18 months to allow sourcing of all components and tailoring to meet client requirements.

For further information, please contact our office directly – refer to the details under the contact tab.


SUBEO Ltd is negotiating on a global basis with various distributors and resellers. The forms of agreement likely to be available range from full dealerships to commission-based contracts.

Suitable businesses and organizations that can fulfil financial, maintenance and operational requirements will be considered.

Companies presently involved in marine operations in both commercial and leisure fields would be considered as suitable applicants, providing they can meet the very high standard required by SUBEO to represent its products, and to service the requirements of customers purchasing these very unique vehicles.

Whilst exclusivity geographical/market sector dealerships will be formulated in line with business needs, at present all enquiries are handled through our UK office – refer to the contact tab for details.


Over the past two years SUBEO staff have logged significant market interest in our craft. Statistics generated from an associated marine equipment website featuring our craft have indicated in excess of 30 requests for pricing and documentation per month, from thousands of hits.

From analysis of the available market statistics we can see that short lead times, relatively low purchase price and operating costs are of key importance in achieving sales volume. It is possible to achieve these aims by factors of up to four times over other new craft available to order today, but serial production techniques need to be employed.

To meet the expected market demand at serial production prices and lead times SUBEO will need to be able to produce at least 10 craft per year. To establish production of this volume requires significant investment in the business, and SUBEO is currently seeking a major financial backer to this end.

In the short term, we are presently able to produce both GEMINI+ and AQUARIUS craft, but on a build to order basis, meaning long lead times and a relatively higher price, limiting our market.

If you or your company are interested in the SUBEO business and technology from a potential investment point of view, please don’t hesitate to contact our office; details under the contact tab.